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Master techniques and develop your skills

Our one-day Workshops give you the time, space and support

to learn theory in plain English

practice with guidance and advice

get honest feedback and practical tips

And – have a really enjoyable and memorable day

Workshops are based here at Sunshine Barn

and run throughout the year (Monday to Saturday)

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Class sizes are limited to a maximum of six people to guarantee everyone has space and time to learn.

Each Workshop is priced at £125.00 per person and includes tuition, lunch, refreshments and notes.

Click on the tab headings below for more details of each workshop.

To book a place on a workshop, follow the links to purchase a voucher, then contact us to arrange a convenient date.



image of photography workshopIdeal for anyone who has just graduated to a DSLR and who wants to get to grips with controls and settings.

You’ll learn:

  • Shooting modes – Tv, Av, M, P
  • What the aperture settings do
  • How shutter speed affects in image
  • Managing auto-focus
  • Reading the exposure meter
  • Essential rules of composition
  • Getting the pictures from camera to computer

And all with practical exercises to back up the theory.

To book a place on a One-Day Beginner Workshop, you’ll need to purchase a voucher by following this link, then get in touch to arrange a convenient date.



image of photography training

A great workshop for the photographer with a little experience who wants to experiment and discover some more advanced techniques.

During the course of the day you’ll learn:

  • Exposure compensation – when to over and under expose
  • Manual focus for when auto can’t cope
  • How to read a Histogram
  • Advanced composition techniques
  • Understanding colour temperature
  • Metering modes
  • Filter usage

All backed up with practical assignments that will test your skill.

To book a place on a One-Day Intermediate Workshop, you’ll need to purchase a voucher by following this link, then get in touch to arrange a convenient date.



image of DSLR photography workshop

Taking advantage of the wonderful scenery on our doorstep, this workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to create outdoor images.

Based at Sunshine Barn the workshop will include morning and afternoon excursions to learn techniques such as:

  • Identifying subjects
  • Selecting shooting positions
  • Recognising weather patterns and opportunities
  • Framing, foreground and background elements
  • Tripod use and other essential equipment
  • Composition – and when to ignore the rules
  • Advanced filter applications

To book a place on a One-Day Landscape Workshop, you’ll need to purchase a voucher by following this link, then get in touch to arrange a convenient date.


People Pictures

A studio based workshop that will teach you:

  • How to use artificial light – on and off camera flash, strobe lighting etc
  • Background styles and options
  • Lighting set-ups – from single to multiple units
  • Modifying and reflecting light
  • Using a Light meter
  • Essential studio equipment
  • Posing subjects and establishing rapport
  • Working with models
  • Colour and monochrome options
  • Post production techniques

This is a great opportunity to develop your people skills, and work with a model to create portraits like a pro.

To book a place on a One-Day People Pictures Workshop, you’ll need to purchase a voucher by following this link, then get in touch to arrange a convenient date.


Wildlife and Nature

image of squirrel

This is another outdoor workshop starting and finishing at Sunshine Barn and focusing (sorry!) on the animals and natural features of the area.

Starting with a little background theory, before setting out in search of subjects, the workshop includes:

  • Essential equipment forWildlife photography
  • Identifying animal habitats
  • Recognising signs and tracks that lead to subjects
  • Appreciating the Countryside Code and respecting nature
  • Getting in tune with seasonal variations
  • How to capture wildlife images in context with surroundings

We can’t promise you’ll capture some of the more elusive subjects but depending on the time of year there is always something to look out for.

To book a place on a One-Day Wildlife and Nature Workshop, you’ll need to purchase a voucher by following this link, then get in touch to arrange a convenient date.


Photoshop & Lightroom

image of photoshop

This one-day workshop teaches you how to use these industry standard applications to make the most of your images.

Elements covered in the day include:

  • Creating an efficient workflow
  • Organising Tools and Panels
  • Managing Layers – styles, groups. naming and opacity
  • Working with Blend modes
  • Understanding Filters
  • Selection options and refining edges
  • Working with Text

To book a place on a One-Day Photoshop and Lightroom Workshop, you’ll need to purchase a voucher by following this link, then get in touch to arrange a convenient date.

Special effects

Special Effects & Trick Photography

long exposure photography

A fun day teaching you how to create some unusual and magical images, some with simple camera tweaks to your camera and some using imaging software.

A little theory and lots of practical exercises to demonstrate and practice:

  • Playing with perspectives to create illusions
  • Using household objects to create unusual effects
  • Using strobe lights and off-camera flash
  • Time-lapse sequences – creation and editing
  • Multiple exposures – camera settings and post production
  • Long exposures – ideal for the night sky or images like the one above
  • Creating spectacular ‘frozen in time’ images

We’ll provide the props and the necessary know-how – you just need to bring a sense of adventure and a willingness to experiment.

To book a place on a One-Day Special Effects Workshop, you’ll need to purchase a voucher by following this link, then get in touch to arrange a convenient date.

A few kind words from previous students.

Very good, you helped me understand the functions of the camera and then put the knowledge into practice. I would highly recommend this course.

James Atkins

Thoroughly enjoyable course. excellent tuition – far exceeded my expectations! Would definitely recommend this course. Thank you Duncan.

Sue Hartley

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable day. Duncan has been an excellent facilitator and given a great insight. New ideas and methods and reinforcing some things already known. Thank you

Martin Cooper

I really enjoyed the day, lots of practical information and opportunities to practice, with excellent advice and support. Lovely location.

Anne Cunningham

I feel so much more confident to experiment and use my camera to its full potential instead of just everything on automatic.

Jeanette Fowler

I feel a lot more confident in using the camera and gained greater knowledge of settings, speed and lighting. First of many courses I’m sure. Thank you.

Nicola Aldred

Great day, really enjoyable. Good company, good food. Photography presentation had great slides in plain English. Informative, a good base to start photography.

Sue Hill

Brilliant course, very comprehensive and clear. Thank you.

Rama Weissbrod

Very relaxed informative day – Great. I learned a great deal – now I need to go away and practice it – use it or lose it!

Gill Key

Great to feel safe enough to move camera settings off auto! Excellent setting, good pace of delivery.

P K Hudson

Really enjoyed the course, have a better understanding of using the camera and now need to go and practice.

Kelly Gill

Great day, learned a lot. Thank you Duncan

Ken Davenport

Wonderful day, packed a lot it, more than expected!

Julia Banderis

Really helpful – thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Sandra Sharpe

Thoroughly enjoyable but more importantly very educational, just need to keep practicing now 🙂

Phena Gallagher

Very good venue, learned a lot, will be back attending more of the classes.

Michelle Dunn

Very interesting course, it has given me the confidence to try new things with my camera. I look forward to trying out what I have learned.

Ros Jarvis

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