We’ve responded to the requests and feedback from students to expand the range of photo training we offer, develop more specialist workshops and create programs that offer comprehensive training over a period a time. 

We’ve combined all the skills, techniques, creative ideas and stimulation that every photographer needs, into resources that are geared to the needs of students;

get support,

find a remedy or

seek inspiration

There’s always something new to learn and a new challenge that needs solutions – the Photo School provides both motivation and answers.

The live workshops form the building blocks of the training, using the fabulous facilities of Sunshine Barn and the wonderful countryside around it.

image of sunshine barn

Augmenting the workshops are video tutorials , monthly assignments and competitions, expert specialists, coaching calls and email and telephone support.

There’s also an online community via a private Facebook group The Red Dog Studio where you can share images, get critiques, motivation and learn some useful photo hacks as you explore new techniques.

For more information about the workshops, click on the options below.

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For those who want to really take their photography to new levels – maybe to turn professional one day, our 12 month ‘Complete Photographer’ program will give you all the theory, practice, support and expertise that you need to get the absolute best from your creativity and your camera. Click below for more details.

Complete Photographer Program