Red Dog Photo Breaks


For anyone who loves the great outdoors, loves photography, wants to learn more and make the most of every opportunity.


Red Dog Photo Breaks include a little theory and an explanation of equipment and camera set-up before heading out into the Dales and Peaks to capture images you'll be proud of. Your tutors will be award winning photographers with unparalleled knowledge of the region.


You will learn:


    •   composition techniques - spotting great photo opportunities and how to make the most of them.


    •   metering and exposure control - understanding histograms and making the right adjustments.


    •   perspective - know where to shoot from, find the right angle and tell a story with your image.


    •   framing - identify natural and man-made features to add depth.


    •   lens selection - when to go wide angle and when to zoom in on the detail.


    •   tripod use - when, where and how to use your three legged friend to best effect.


    •   filters - from graduated and neutral density to colours, polarised and special effects.


    •   technical settings - learn just what your camera is capable of with a little customised tweaking. well as time spent at the end of the day on image management.


The day involves a small amount of walking, plenty of fresh air and an opportunity to explore what you and your camera are capable of.


Photo Breaks are limited to a maximum of six people to ensure everyone gets time to capture the images they want and get any support they need to solve problems or achieve the results they are looking for.


Photo Breaks are priced at £145.00 per person (or £270.00 for two) all tuition, transport*, meals and refreshments are included as well as notes and ongoing support.


The next break will be announced soon, for more information, please contact us.




*  transport from our base in Osmaston.


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Red Dog Photo Breaks
Red Dog Photo Breaks