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Red Dog Photography is run by Duncan Robb whose first interest in photography started at a very early age.


During the 70’s a passion for taking photographs (mainly motorcycles) led to the setting up of a small business and getting to grips with the alchemy of the darkroom, developing rolls of film and producing black and white prints – colour was even more of a dark art in those days!


An involvement with the sport of triathlon in the 1980’s as a competitor, event organiser and administrator, lead to the establishment of ‘220 The Triathlon Magazine’ that Duncan edited and tool most of the photographs for. This experience developed the skills required to work with individuals, groups and crowds capturing the action and creating images with impact.


In the 90’s the experience of organising and managing triathlons was brought to business events, exhibitions, conferences, corporate hospitality and similar occasions demanding a high level of photography, working with the media and exploring the emerging capabilities of digital imaging.


In 2017 Red dog celebrates 13 years in business, providing images for companies and organisations who needs images for promotion, publicity and display. Over recent years, more and more time has been devoted to helping other photographers develop their skills and get more out of their camera and their creativity. This training is developing rapidly, not just with the range of workshops but with online courses that will be launched this year.


Red Dog Photo Breaks are aimed at photographers who love the outdoors and want to be able to capture better images. These one day workshops are operated in conjunction with some of the best landscape photographers in the country to help enthusiasts discover what they can achieve with a little expert guidance and inspiration from some of the wonderful scenery around us.


Duncan uses his years of experience, an understanding of the needs of people in business and a flexible, willing and above all, professional approach to deliver, photography and training.


In 2007, Duncan qualified with the Institute of British Professional Photographers and in 2014 qualified as an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC.


Tel: 01335 630010

about red dog

about red dog