The place to get more out of your photography.

If you love taking pictures, want the opportunity to develop your skills and have a memorable day out, Red Dog Photo School has the answer.

With more years behind the camera that we care to think about, we've got a wealth of experience, technical know-how and a huge pile of enthusiasm for taking great pictures and helping our clients discover their creativity and just what they are capable of producing with their camera.

We have a fabulous selection of workshops for all abilities and almost all interests and they run throughout the year from our wonderful and very picturesque base in the Derbyshire Dales.

Workshops are limited to a maximum of six people to ensure everyone gets sufficient individual attention yet still picks up tricks and tips from others as the day progresses.

Days are designed to be informative, helpful, useful and great fun - they are sure to fire up your enthusiasm and we can virtually guarantee you'll end the day a happier, wiser and better photographer. 

Click here to view the workshops and available dates, you can book online today to secure your place.